e-UDBHAVAM Portal (NESL) New Registration & Login 2022

e-UDBHAVAM Portal ( NESL ) New Registration & Login 2022 e-UDBHAVAM Portal National E-Governance Service Limited [NESL] e-UDBHAVAM Portal Karnataka e-UDBHAVAM Portal Online Registration

e-UDBHAVAM 2022: The State Government of Karnataka has launched e-UDBHAVAM, a web-based portal that allows residents and companies to execute non-registrable agreements and paperwork in Karnataka.

eUDBHAVAM portal is brought to you by NeSL-Information Utility that is designed to remotely execute the agreements in a completely automated manner.



In this article we have provided complete information about e-UDBHAVAM Portal ( NESL ) New Registration & Login 2022, what eUDBHAVAM is, as well as its purpose, benefits, eligibility requirements, and required documentation. etc.


The residents and companies, and by and between companies. The workflow of the portal in addition to the
digitally executed doc generated and saved utilizing it’s legally properly supported by the provisions of the Karnataka Stamp Act, 1957, the IT Act, 2000 and the Indian Proof Act, 1872.

The platform is linked to the States for purpose of digital e-stamping and to the ESP for digital signature that will be embedded on the document or contract. There is no physical visit to purchase stamp paper since the respective authorities have permitted paperless stamping on the NeSL platform.


This portal enables the parties in a contract to complete the one-time registration process (for individuals) by following minimal and user-friendly steps. Registered users will then be able to add the other party/witness and upload the agreement. For Entity/Non- Individuals, please make sure it is registered in IU platform.

All the parties associated with an agreement will be able to view and sign the agreement by using the eSign functionality of Aadhaar from the safety of their offices or homes without requiring any physical interaction with each other or with any authority.

The e-UDBHAVAM portal also enables digital payment of the Stamp Duty Charges by using the digital stamping ecosystem of NeSL (National eGovernance Services Limited) for any agreement or contract that pertains to financial credit (lender and borrowers) or Operational credit (supplier and buyer).

e-UDBHAVAM On the NeSL portal

NeSL is India’s first Information Utility and is registered with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) under the aegis of the Insolvency NESL popularly known as National e-Governance Service Limited. Which is India’s first information utility.

The new National E-Governance Services Ltd (NeSL) administrative office in Bengaluru.NeSL is India’s first Information Utility and is registered with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)

under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC). R Ashoka, Minister, Revenue Department, Government of Karnataka, launched the portal on April 25th, 2022

This portal will help to work under Nay Disha for process of obtaining notary businesses for various types of paperwork, agreements and contracts. Due to which the whole process will be made easy and convenient.

All the works will be digitized and paperless, so that the benefits of services can be provided online to the people.


  • The newly established NESL in Bengaluru has launched a new web portal known as e-UDBHAVAM Portal.
  • The process of obtaining notary businesses for different types of paperwork, complete with agreements and contracts, is about to become simpler with the launch of a new government webpage.
  • People require notary services for various types of paperwork, which can be difficult to obtain as only notaries, gazetted officers, etc. are allowed to do notaries. In addition, it also includes any additional fees that a notary or justice of the peace may demand.
  • Many a times people forget important documents during agreements. NESL has launched e-UDBHAVAM Portal, a website where people and businesses in Karnataka can sign agreements and papers that do not need to be registered. To overcome many problems, this portal will give so many benefits.

e-UDBHAVAM Portal Main Point Overview

Name of the scheme NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal
launched by R Ashoka, Minister, Income Division, Authorities of Karnataka
Launch Date April twenty fifth, 2022.
State Karnataka
Beneficiaries Residents of Karnataka
Official Website Click Here 

Objective Of the e-UDBHAVAM Portal

The main objective of the NESL e-Udbhav portal is to make the process of signing, verification and execution of all documents related to any document or agreement required in business more convenient.


  • NESL has come up with a solution called e-UDBHAVAM Portal for those who want to do business and which has several benefits:
  • It makes proportional citizen, business and online agreements, which are executed authentically.
  • Under this portal, hassles are removed for citizens by providing solutions for documentation and contracting processes in various departments.
  • Through this portal, the applicant will not need to pay additional fees as before in the official departments.
  • The e-UDBHAVAM site also allows digital payment for stamp duty using the digital e-stamping environment provided by NESL.
  • The entire journey of official stamp papers and required documents has been reduced to paperless work by digitizing all the work on the Portal. Which is also called paperless platform.
  • Using Aadhaar’s e-Sign facility, all parties to an agreement will be able to view and sign the agreement from the comfort of their offices or homes, without having to meet in person or any government official.
  • The Platform allows entities and individuals to execute contracts from anywhere at any time.


Several official documents can be executed through e-UDBHAVAM Portal

  1. Agreements: An agreement exists between every promise and every set of promises, which together constitute the consideration for each other. Examples are things like service agreements, lease agreements, worker and company contracts etc.
  2. Affidavits: A written statement that you swear to be accurate and that may be used as evidence in a legal proceeding, also known as a sworn/Affidavit statement. Common examples may include name changes of any person or Marriage related documents such as divorce settlement cases.
  3. Hypothecation: Deed of Hypothecation when a loan is given to buy something that can be moved, a deed is used to put a charge on the item as security for the loan. Eg property loans, or automobile loans.
  4. Indemnity bond: This is a legal document that gives you the right to get money from the principal if something goes wrong, such as when you borrow money from a bank or give property to the true owners. Examples are when there is a death claim, a government compensation scheme, etc.
  5. Pledge: common example is putting gold in a bank to get a loan.

Important documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Permanent certificate
  • E-mail ID
  • PAN/EPIC information
  • Mobile Number
  • Financial Value of Agreement Amount of Stamp Duty Payable

NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal 2022 New Registration / Login

  • Open the official website of the e-UDBHAVAM Portal. 
  • The home page will appear
  • On the side, it says “Individual User Registration.” Click on it.
  •  So you will be redirected to a new page.
  • A new registration gets completed in 4 phases.

1 phase- you have to do KYC with Aadhar

  •  On the registration page Enter your mobile number, and email ID, and select your KYC ID, which can be either your pan card or voter ID. After selecting them, you have to type in the ID number of that card. Then you have to type the password and Re enter the same password. All the terms and conditions tick on it. Press next.

Now in the second phase, you have to do KYC with Aadhar.

Perform KYC with Aadhar upload document

Now in the third phase, validate your face.

For activities based on facial authentication, the Aadhaar photo of the user will be compared with his live photo in order to provide an extra layer of verification and stop fraud.

Verify the KYC details and click submit

  • All details submitted will be displayed on the screen, and the user has to provide consent or acknowledgement.
  • An acknowledgement will be shown after submitting that.
  • “Registration Successful”.
  • Similarly, firms, the party with whom the agreement has to be signed, have to follow these registration steps in order to proceed.

How to Login NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal

  • First of all you have to go to the official website. 
  • Now you have to go to the Login section.


  • Here you have to click on any one option in Entity User or Individual User.

e-UDBHAVAM login

  • Now the Login Form will open in front of you.
  • In this form you have to login by entering User Name / Password / Capcha code.
  • By following this process you will be login to the portal.

Documentation Adding and Stamp Obligation

  • Open the official website of e-UDBHAVAM portal.
  • Click on Login option. Enter your password and press Login.
  • You will be asked 3 options for any one option you have to click. Execute a new contract, view transaction history and view all pending contracts. Choose the reason you want and proceed.
  • Then click on the state “Karnataka”.
  • Select the type of document to be uploaded, not more than 5 Mb in size.
  • After that, “Check” and continue.
  • Continue to enter more details via PAN (your username will be shown), then click the submit button when you are done.
  • Fine details of each of the parties involved are shown; A preview of settlement terms will be given and then proceed with payment of stamp requirement through First Person Expenditure Gateway.
  • The first scenario allows NeSL to obtain an e-stamp from Inventory Holding Company of India Limited (“SHCIL”) by paying the required amount.
  • The concerned State authorities shall pay the applicable stamp duty as per the Stamp Act.
  • For any non-registrable settlement or agreement relating to monetary credit (lenders and borrowers) or operational credit (suppliers and buyers) or other parties to the agreement, e-UDBHAVAM portal enables digital payment of stamp duty fee by using payment gateway. In NeST’s digital e-stamping ecosystem. This can be achieved for any unregistered settlement or agreement relating to credit.
  • As soon as the electronic stamp is obtained, it is affixed to the contract as the primary page and the remaining pages of the document are combined into a single document and given to the executor in the form. of a single record.
E-Signing the Settlement
  • On completion of the previous steps, you will have to proceed for e-sign or electronic signature.
  • The NESL portal will now receive signatures or e-signatures from the parties sequentially. It will ask for the E mark to the first party, then to the second and then to the third as ordered. without talking to each other or personally to any authority.
  • The document is based on Aadhaar OTP or Biometric Signature, i.e. Biometric Signature on CDAC website, which is related to NESL or Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  • E-Signing is done by the CDAC website, an organization that works for the Ministry of Electronics and Information and is licensed by the CCA to perform e-Authentication-based e-Sign companies.
  • Email and SMS notifications are sent to competing parties or other parties to let them know that they need to digitally sign the agreement to complete the execution process.

NESL Helpline number:

In the event that you have any questions, please e-mail helpdesk@nesl.co.in or call 1800 599 2345.

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